A Value-Based Approach to Poverty: Co-Evaluation of the Community Growth, 2015-2017

Between 2015 and 2017  we undertook a research A value-based approach to poverty: Co-evaluation of the community growth which proposed a new approach towards the understanding of the system social innovation which aims community growth. The research focuses on the different ways in which organisations like S-NODI are activating social actions and realising social and cultural impact to overcome poverty in local territory.

We argue that the innovative public-private policies of governance come along with both structural changes through changes in laws and procedures and value shifts expressed by changes in believes, norms and traditions. This is why we need to understand the underlining logic and values that motivate the changes through a qualitative analysis as oppose to the instrumental economics

S-Nodi is an institution that promotes and accompanies innovation in interventions, experiments with innovative community processes against impoverishment and inequality of opportunities and activates pilot projects.