Practicing of Values


This report reflects the interventions of ASAI in the broader context of a renewal of the educational system, and in the face of the challenges of the current CoViD-19 health emergency. It results from the work of the Scientific Committee and from the fieldwork of educators at school and in after school centers.

The work of the Scientific Committee aims at both: (1) to define wide range of qualities (values) of one future education system, qualities that go beyond the usual objectives to secure a good learning process, and (2) to translate these qualities in concrete goals and strategies for ASAI while reflecting on the changing context of the education system. Or with other words, which qualities ASAI is going to pursue while the education system is changing?

The qualities (values) mapping brings the different cultural perspectives of various groups of participants in the Scientific Committee. Their vision for the future evolves as a cohesive picture where all members mutually adjusted their own perspectives in a common vision.

The Scientific Committee agreed that the following values are of equal importance: creativity and innovation, well-being, sense of belonging, being a good citizen and inclusion. Pursuing each value translates in various qualities for the individual (personal values), group of people (social values) and for the society as whole (societal values).

Petrova, 2020, Practica vi valori in Practica vi valori, Valori in practica, Riflessioni sul progetto Giovani Investimenti a partire dal lavoro del Comitato Scientifico 2019-2020, ASAI, Turin.