Impact Assessemnt of the Creative Communities Programme of Arts Council Malta, 2018-2018

In 2018 we have run an impact assessment of the the Creative Communities programme of Arts Council Malta.

The main objective of the Creative Communities funding programme is to foster cultural exchange in the community by supporting the implementation of community-led projects related to culture, creative expression and the arts. More specifically the funding programme focuses on community and diversity, through support for training, research and the development of artistic projects, designed and led by the community and for the community.

In order to understand the process through which the arts and culture transfer their positive effects within the local community, we need to understand the process of realization of various cultural and social values.

Acknowledging this need, we proposed a method The Value-Based Approach(VBA) which in the context of the Creative Communities funding program aimed to evaluate in a systematic way the wider scope of the community impact of arts and culture projects by considering their multiple contributions in terms of social and cultural added values. As such we facilitated the understanding of the wider scope of social and cultural contributions that the arts and culture realize within the Maltese society.