Cultural and Social Impact of ASAI Education Project, 2017-2020

Between 2017 and 2020, in close cooperation with ASAI (Associazione di Animazione Interculturale in Turin), we are undertaking an evaluation of the new school practice of the association and assess its impact from the perspective of different stakeholders, i.e. teachers, students, school directors and volunteers. The research findings inform the production of a methodological tool to facilitate the implementation of the ASAI project innovation in different contexts.

ASAI is a voluntary association present in Turin since 1995. ASAI offers educational and cultural initiatives aimed at children, young people and adults in different places in the city. Every year it involves more than 600 volunteers in concrete actions directed to a better coexistence in the urban fabric.

ASAI concentrates its efforts in the most vulnerable districts of Turin and is aimed in particular at minors and families living in situations of risk and social exclusion. A continuous process of reflection allows us to refine the responses to the different needs of the ever-changing migration phenomenon. The activities of the aggregation centers are increasingly included in a network educational project involving families, schools, social services and territorial associations.